Birthday Party Places in CP


  • parking
    Valet Parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Live Music
  • DJ
  • High Class Ambience


  • Safe Place/Decent Crowd/ No Eve Teasing No control on hooligans by the management
  • Constant supply of hot and tasty food Reheated leftover food served over intervals
  • R.O water is used in cooking Untreated water from uncleaned water tanks is used which causes diseases
  • All food safety standards are followed Ungroomed cooks with untrimmed nails chopped vegetables and cook food.
  • We will get the music that we love DJ Doesn’t play music on request due to house rules.
  • Female washrooms get cleaned after every single usage Female washrooms get cleaned once or twice in a day

We believe in delivering all the above expectation and much more!!

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Did you know these facts about low budget party places?

  • 1) More than 73% of the restaurant do not have hygiene protocol like- providing Hands sanitizers to their diners. 38 Barracks provide Hand sanitizers to all the diners
  • 2) 53% of the eatries uses ice cubes made of hard water which causes water born diseases. followed by low cost party places. 38 Barracks uses only R.O water made ice cubes.

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5 Most Common Problems Faced by You at Party Places

  • 01.71% of the customers are made to do a party in a common area or dance on a common D.J music due to not availability of a separate floor, where private D.J can be played.
  • 02.Almost all guests are given the same type of menu option.These are those options that most of your invites would have got bored of.
  • 03.65% customers fall into the trap of price wor and repent at the end of the party when they don’t get value for their time and money.
  • 04.85% of the customers are not given a homely feel and out of the way support due to disordered management.
  • 05.75% customers do not understand how to package the entertainment and soul to their party due to poor experience and lack of facilities at the party place.

7 things about Party Places you will Kick yourself for not Knowing

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11 facts Why to choose 38 Barracks only for a Successful Party?

  • Intention to make your party as our success
  • Awesome Food
  • Safe Zone
  • Flawless Service
  • Highest rated cafe in CP with Zomato ratings of 4.8/5
  • Insta worthy Ambience for your Social Media Pics
  • Private hall for Family Get-Together
  • Private Disco with DJ playing your favourite songs
  • Private Live Musician and Photographer on call
  • Guarantee for the success of your party
  • Enough parking space right in front of the café
  • Best Party Place in Delhi NCR

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